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Finding girls that have never ate pussy before and getting them to do it on video is the hardest thing in the world! But once you find a group of college girls and get them a little tipsy at the bar, its alot easier to find some exhibitionists in the room. These girls have never ate another pussy before and we get them to do it on video. These are all first timers and never thought they were going to be fucking another girl when they went out tonight. Its great though because we have now started a trend with this group of girls and they will be eating more pussy and taking pictures to update everyone!

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Lucky guy gets his girlfriend and her bestfriend naked in the same room at hte same time and made a point to make sure it was caught on video so it could be watched for eternity since he didnt think he would get this chance ever again. So once he got the girls hot naked and wet, he asked to pull out the video camera and the rest is history from there. Its amazing to see what these girls will do to please the man in the room. They will even suck the balls while the other fucks. Its a sight to see and you will be amazed that these girls are doin this for the first time!

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So girls like to experiment in college…some more than others. These girls took it all the way and started to video them going down on eachother for the first time in their life! They have always wanted to know what it was like to eat another pussy and they finally get to find out. It only took a few drinks and some curiosity and we get rewarded with great porn! They enjoyed their time so much they uploaded it to our site to get judged. And we think its great!

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This girl never swallows cum, but this time she made an exception when she agreed to be on video. She wanted to make the best of the experience and you know swallowing was part of the deal. It took alot of work to get her to agree to it, but there is a first time for everything! She needed to be worked into the mood for a little bit but once she was going you couldnt stop her. I know the rest of these videos n pictures will get you going too!

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Check out the first time that these girls swallow cum and fuck on video. They are new to doing porn and there are more girls on here than you could ever handle, no matter how much porn you watch. There are always new girls filming with their boyfriends and then they breakup… and then they post it on the internet. What a great cycle that is!
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Well this is a day i never thought I would see, someones girlfriend letting them video giving them a major creampie for the first time. Hopefully this girl is taking her birth control with the amount of cum that has been dumped into and onto her pussy. This guy gets some great video and pictures of his girl in the most hardcore positions shes ever been thrown into. The amount of cock shes handling here is outstanding.

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Hot slut has her pussy fucked, but also loves having her asshole played with when getting drilled. So what we did was catch this girl getting a finger up her ass on video as her boyfriend fucked her. This was the first time she had ever done something like this and loved it more than you could ever imagine. After this experience she was more open to her first anal than ever before.

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This guy should really keep working on his girlfriend because she is open to getting fucked dirtier than he could ever imagine. The more lube that we used, the more she was into it. This guy shoulda gone for the gold and stuck his cock right in her ass but he figured he was gonna save that for the next video…

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This girl was nice enough to get fucked in the shower and let it be video taped. Her boyfriend had a camera setup in his bathroom to record her after he knew she wanted to get fucked in the shower. She was always curious about how it felt to have a huge cock pound her in the bathroom. She didnt know how much she would love it and was happy they got it on film so she could masturbate to it later.

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You cant imagine the orgasm that she had after this monster cock rammed her tight cunt. He even managed to let loose a wild cumshot all over her body… that was hard to wash off but shes a trooper!

The video that we got from this was so hot and you definitely should check it out.

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This cute girlfriend of mine gets the cock from me for the first time. She gets it really hard and could barely keep her eyes open after the pounding her tight pussy got. She never lets you get her on video but this time the sex was so good that she had to have proof that this really happened to her. She couldnt resist having a big cock spray a load of cum all over her face after the work she put in.

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Watch me film me fucking my girlfriend for the first time in college.  I have never got this girl to let me fuck before and she finally gave in, and she even let me video tape it so we could have it for our memories. It’s amazing what she let me do to her the first time around. I could have never thought she would let me do this im my wildest dreams.
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First Time College Sex

You really cant get better than that when it comes to first time college girls getting fucked from behind. She lets me raw dog her pussy and pump it hard until she cant take it anymore and then a massive load of cum gets unleashed onto her face. She doesnt play around…

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